Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee

Poke Salad Support Team

Poke Salad stands and works together with our franchisees to ensure that the stores promote the utmost customer service to all of our valuable customers. We provide paramount support to our franchisees as we want them to be both successful and to achieve the dream of owning a business with ease.

The Poke Salad Style

Vibrant. Energetic. Lively. Poke Salad wants to ensure that the interior and exterior design of your Poke Salad store will attract and appeal to every individual. Poke Salad will assist our franchisees in creating a positive and, of course, an aesthetically pleasing environment for both the staff and the customers!

Marketing Assistance from Poke Salad

Poke Salad thrives to provide both superb customer service and fresh, delicious food to all of our customers. To be sure that all of our branches are consistent, Poke Salad Headquarters will work with the franchisees to analyze the customer reviews from various internet and media platforms. Together, we can attract new customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Comprehensive Education and Training

Poke Salad will provide a thorough educational and hands-on training course to ensure that all staff members become familiarized with the food, equipment, and environment. With detailed instruction and training on every aspect of running your own Poke Salad store, our franchisees can be confident on the day of the grand opening.

Additional Benefits

Poke Salad Headquarters wants all of our franchisees to be successful and to become a part of the Poke Salad team. We want our branches to know that your concerns are our concerns; furthermore, you, as franchisees, have our full and undivided attention when it comes to any questions, comments or concerns. At the end of the day, no matter the distance between our various locations, we will all work together as a united Poke Salad team!