Interested in becoming a franchisee of Poke Salad?


  • Are you confident, determined, passionate, and enterprising?
  • Are you eager to learn and follow Poke Salad’s standard operating procedures and professional rubric?
  • Are you at the legal age to become a franchisee?
  • Do you have an enthusiastic and positive attitude?
  • Do you share the values and believe in the philosophy of Poke Salad?
  • Do you have the ambition to establish your own career and become successful?
  • If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are the perfect candidate to become a Poke Salad franchisee!

Our Support to You

  • Complete Education and On-Site Training
  • Store and Marketing Designs
  • Grand Opening Materials


  • “6 to 12” persons will be required for one store business.
  • Based upon an evaluation of the store location and its traffic flow, further adjustments for the official head count will be made

Contract Period

  • 3 Years
  • 30K Franchise fee

Education and Training

  • Poke Salad requires 7 days of professional training courses, including hands-on practice in the store.
  • The education and training period will ensure that all personnel fully understand and master the skills in each of the following sections:
  • Daily Operations for Store Opening and Closing
  • Acquisition and Management of Raw and Cooked Food
  • Customer Service and Retention
  • Management and Documentation of Commerce
  • Equipment Maintenance

Overview of Our Headquarter Assistance

  • Floor Plan & Design Layout: Poke Salad will provide each store with a complete plan, including store design and traffic flow management. Interior and exterior decoration will be decided by the local franchisee.
  • Equipment: Poke Salad will provide locations and businesses from which the franchisee will purchase ingredients and other required equipment. Poke Salad will also provide information regarding payroll.
  • Traininghj: Poke Salad will provide store operation instructions, daily opening and closing procedures, kitchen and food handling directions, etc., which will take place over the course of a 7 day training period.
  • Grand Opening Assistance: Poke Salad will provide counseling in regards to the store’s grand opening for 7 days.
  • Brand Licensing

Consultation for Grand Opening

  • To ensure that your Poke Salad store thrives, Poke Salad Headquarters will set up a final consultation to review all the information, requirements, etc.
  • 7 days